About Us

Learn about D and R Aviary

D and R Aviary in Southeast Iowa is a respected bird breeder that has more than 47 years of experience. Our team has received copious amounts of positive feedback. We even have a five-star rating from past customers on birdbreeders.com. We encourage you to rate your experience with us as well!

Shipping is available throughout the US through Delta Airlines & American Airlines only. Cost average is $160 to $300 depending on weight and crate size. This includes shipping costs and a crate.  When your bird is ready, you can pick it up, or have it shipped. We provide excellent bird breeding services which is under the following:

    • Bird Breeding Services
    • Indian Ringneck Parakeets
    • Parrot Breeds
    • Blue Front Amazon Parrots
    • Cockatiels Mutations
    • Indian Ringneck Mutations Parakeets

Contact our bird breeders today for additional information about our parrots.